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Carriere® Brackets

carriere brackets

With Carriere Brackets, achieving a beautiful smile in the shortest possible time has never been so easy. The sleek, comfortable Carriere SLX Braces were designed with you, the patient, in mind. Utilizing the latest in advanced orthodontic technology, Carriere Brackets ensure the most comfortable, effective, and fastest treatment available. Plus, the self-ligating design of the braces eliminate the need for elastics or metal ties.

The patient-friendly Carriere Self-Ligating Brackets are bonded to your teeth in the same manner as conventional brackets...but with no elastic ties to create unnecessary friction, your teeth softly glide into the correct position. So, with fewer appointments, less discomfort, and less time, you will have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted!

Benefits for You!

  • Fewer Office Visits - 40% fewer appointments on average, which gives you more time to enjoy your regular activities.
  • Shorter Treatment Time - Passive SLB system allows for less time in braces.
  • Shorter Office Visits - With no need to change the elastic ties, office visits are quicker and more enjoyable.
  • Increased Comfort - Reduced pressure on your teeth, along with smooth, rounded edges means enhanced comfort and virtually no irritation.
  • Precise Results - Unique design allows the doctor to achieve precision results and give you a beautiful smile!
  • Sleek, Low-Profile Design - Avoid the irritation and bulky feeling caused by conventional brackets with elastic ties.
  • Low Force, Less Friction - Free-sliding technology with low force moves your teeth more quickly, naturally, and comfortably than traditional braces.
  • No O-Rings or Elastic Ties - It is much easier to keep your teeth clean and free of debris, resulting in improved oral hygiene.

Let Beim Orthodontics show you how Carriere Brackets can simplify your journey to a better smile today!

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